[2015.08.01 ~ 2015.12.18]Worked as a sound designer of Building Virtual World in ETC, CMU

  • I made several GameBGM and Sound effects for 5 games. I was a huge phenomenon in my batch and got much positive feedback from peers.
  • I was the first person in ETC who apply rap song into the game and wrote a song for the peers.

Round 5 Game BGM

Round 4 Game BGM

Round 3 Game BGM

Round 2 Game BGM

Round 1 Game BGM

Latest tracks of Joshua Hanjoon Kim ↓↓↓↓

[2015.11.13 ~ 2015.12.01]Managed the music video production for Visual Story Class in ETC, CMU

  • I directed and managed the whole production process of music video assignment.
  • I also managed schedule and work-flow of 48-hour assignment. The assignment was about making a video clip in 2 days with a specific object. Our team’s object was shoes.

[2015.08.01 ~ 2015.12.09] I worked as producer for 5 projects in Building Virtual World class.

  • Building Virtual World is one of the class of Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • It is 2-weeks cycle fast game prototyping experience with various platforms. There are five rounds and each round has different constraint and theme.
  • I worked as a producer for all round and I got in second place in leadership section of peer evaluation.

Postmortem and Production process of each round

Postmortem of Round 5
Postmortem of Round 4
Postmortem of Round 3
Production process of Round 2
Production process of Round 1
You can see the short description and video clip of each game below.

Round 5

  • I worked as one of the  producers for the PS-Move puzzle game “Razzle Dazzle Color Puzzle”
  • Razzle Dazzle Color Puzzle was invited as one of the games actually publicized in BVW Festival in Entertainment Technology Center
  • Postmortem of “Razzle Dazzle Color Puzzle”(Click)

Round 4

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1

[2012.09 ~ 2012.11] I worked as chief executive of Hanyang University VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea).

  • I applied for the PR competition sponsored by VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea). VANK is non-profit organization working for the online promotion of Korean culture.
  • Over 100 students participated in the competition. As an executive of Hanynag University VANK, I gathered 20 team members. Then I divided the member into three groups and managed the whole team.  I directed whole filming process and made five-minute music video clip advertising Korean attractions. As a result, my team received the first prize at the competition.

[2014.9.1 ~ 2014.12.17] I designed the game “History Tory” for elementary school students to play and learn about the history.

  • It was an in-class project of the class ‘Edutainment design’. The game is designed to be prepared for the electronic textbook age. The game covers world historical events which are covered by public education textbooks.
  • The player becomes the alien ‘Tory’ who wants to open the museum of human history. The player can collect the fraction of the historical event or the historical person as a form of the gem by playing the mini game. The player can build up the story with collected gems until he/she makes a complete story. A player can exhibit his/her own gem in the virtual museum, and the player can earn money to use it to collect more time gem.

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[2014.9.1 ~ 2014.10.20] I designed the game “NOSSE- NOSSE” in Korean which is translated into “Bravo my golden life”.

  • ‘NOSSE- NOSSE’ can be directly translated into ‘Enjoy and Enjoy’ in Korean. However, the expression is often used to cheer senior generation in Korea. So, the English title was named as ‘Bravo my golden life’.
  • The purpose of game is to encourage cognitive and social activity of elderly people while playing the game. The game provides player with everyday quest, and they get virtual money when quests are completed. With the virtual money, players can either buy daily necessities, or donate them. The high ranking players with good amount of donation can be recognized on TV or online media to encourage the sense of pride and participation.

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[2013.7.28 ~ 2014.1.3] I designed and programmed the sound-based interactive adventure game “Alien Cube”.

  • Put your headphone on!!!  Listen to the sound of alien carefully, and imagine your position and keep moving not to be killed by an alien.
  • The main idea was making a game that interacts with a player only by sound. I built 10 by 10 cube maps and created the virtual alien that traces after the player,

Alien Cube game design explanation video clip

[2013.03.01 ~ 2013.06.12] I managed a new interactive television show design project “We are here!”.

  • The main idea is to use an entertaining medium to attract celebrity and audience to think and talk about the specific social issues. The show includes broadcasting busking, flash mob, parading, etc. for the easy participation of people. This makes even serious issues in our society can be everybody’s concern.
  • It was presented to the executive producers of “Ssen Media”, which is one of the biggest television show production companies in Korea.

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