4. Creative Content Maker

Besides my professional career, I am a creative & passionate MC and UCC maker

  • I am currently broadcasting on Twitch TV with the show name “Weird Supporter Show!”(League of Legend) & “Welcome to Starcraft 2 Campaign Show!”(Starcraft 2) (expected).

  • I made my song’s own music video.

  • I worked as an amateur MC in numerous big & small events.

  • I have a great interest in Chinese culture. I won the third prize at Chinese culture digital content UCC contest.

  • In 2012, I became a power blogger by D&F Diet project. I mimicked the martial arts of the game character of Dungeon & Fighter and broadcasted via a blog. The blog attracted over 100,000 visitors over three month period.

  • I wrote the fantasy novel “DoGGeBi SulSa(Korean imp story)”. There are over 1,000 readers. The story line can be altered by fans’ interactive comments.

If you want to know more about the performance, then click the link or image below.

 1. Designed and performed the D&F Diet project that attracts 10,0000 viewers in 3 months.

D&F Diet_2

2. Worked as a planner and MC of 10th-anniversary event of Cultural Content Department at Hanyang University

2014-12-25 00;32;03

3. Short music video of my own song “Ddong Bae(Fat Balley)”


4. DoGGeBi SulSa(Fantasy version of Korean folk ghost story)




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