[2012.08 ~ 2012.11]Played a role of music director for UCC CM song of the “Blue Ketchup”.

  • The UCC is about promoting Newly imported alcoholic beverage “Kuemmerling” for “Dongwon F&B” using storytelling.
  • I wrote lyrics of UCC, technically directed the UCC making, and handled all the legal process to get license of background music.

[2012.10.17] I performed the song, “What do you want” at the “Seoul University Avenue” Festival.

  • I sang “What do you want” and “Feel so good anthem” at the Festival. The “University Avenue” is the hippest place for young artists in Korea. In the lyrics of “what do you want”, I tried to deliver the message “Don’t be afraid, and do whatever you want”

[2012.9.1 ~ 2012. 12.18] I designed a webtoon-based game content as a team project for ‘Mgame’ which is one of the powerful game developing and distributing companies in Korea.

  • In the game, a player is capable of foreseeing the destiny of other people whether he/she kills or to be killed. The player can choose the position to save the victim or help the killer. In addition, the player can call the police, run away from the scene, or does nothing. Then, the psychological state of player is judged by the decision made by the player, which affects the game status of the player.


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[2012.3.1.~2012.6.30] Power blogging experience. Executed a project “Dungeon & Fighter Diet project (D&F Diet)”.

  • “D&F Diet” is the project designed to lose weight by mimicking the martial arts of online game “Dungeon & Fighter”. It was broadcasted via a blog and got over 100,000 visitors in 3 months.

Blog address: http://blog.naver.com/09ld (Korean only, but you can watch all the photos and video clips)

1.D&F diet(Warm-up exercise) – http://blog.naver.com/09ld/80156374275

2.D&F diet(female fighter basic attack combo) – http://blog.naver.com/09ld/80156449808

3.D&F diet(male fighter basic attack full combo) – http://blog.naver.com/09ld/80156928316

4.D&F diet(female fighter combination attack combo) – http://blog.naver.com/09ld/80157455644

5.D&F diet(fighter skill “Iron mountain back attack(Chul San Go)” and “Tornado kick(Gil Pung gak)”) – http://blog.naver.com/09ld/80158062685

6.D&F diet(fighter skill “Thunder attack(Nue Gyuek)” and male fighter combination attack combo) – http://blog.naver.com/09ld/80158579832

7 D&F diet(fighter skill “Hectopascal kick” and male fighter combination attack combo2) – http://blog.naver.com/09ld/80161811230

Process of D&F diet project

(fighter skill “iron mountain back attack(Chul San Go)” and “Tornado Kick(Gil Pung gak)”)

1.Build a story of each D&F diet

2.Select specific martial arts of online game D&F


3.Mimic the martial arts and share the know-how of mimicking.


Video clip of “Iron mountain back attack(Chul San Go)”

Sharing know-how of “Tornado kick(Gil Pung Gak)”

Video clip of “Tornado kick(Gil Pung Gak first try)”

Video clip of “Tornado kick(Gil Pung Gak second try)”


(2010.10.1 ~ 2010.12.23)Won the second prize at nationwide UCC competition among public service workers.

(2010.10.1 ~ 2010.12.23) Won the second prize at nationwide UCC competition among public service workers. The theme of UCC was “public service spreading a warm heart in local society”.  Filmed everyday work of public service worker at senior welfare center and composed the theme song of public service worker. (Public service work is different form of two-years mandatory army duty in Korea) I worked at senior welfare center as a public service worker and I served Alzheimer senior citizen for two years. The experience gave me an important lesson about authentic communication; Extremely attentive attitude.


[2010.09.24 ~ now] I have been writing the fantasy novel “DoeGGaeBi SulSa (Fantasy version of Korean folk ghost story)”.

  • This is the online novel having over 40,000 views and 1000 fans. The main story is about Korean high school student who accidently arrived at a fantasy world. He struggles to survive in the fantasy world by solving problems with modern and Korean traditional knowledge.
Appearance of ‘DoGGeBi’ (Image source:http://sketchpan.com/?ahskxh=22110)

Click here to read my novel.  -> Click(Only Korean version existed)


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