[2016.01.11 ~ 2016.05.06] EA Project: Delivered Smart TV / Mobile Game App in 16 weeks


  • Worked as a Producer and sound designer of a 16-week deliverable project that develops a local multi-player snowball-fight-themed family game on EA’s connected TV Platform

  • Player can connect their smartphone to TV and use it as a game controller

  • Player can enjoy 2 Game modes(Free for all, King of the Hill) and face manipulation


As a producer, I

Organized brainstorming

  • participated, organized the brainstorms and documented all the process


Maintained scheduling

  • Arranged daily meeting, weekly schedule, and high-level phase of production

  • january_schedule_colorfeburary_schedule_colormarch_schedule_colorapril_schedule_color

Organized Scrum

  • Lead the scrum and sprint meeting(Prioritized and delegated multiple tasks)

  • Maintained 1~2 week sprint cycle


Wrote the weekly development newsletter

  • Wrote daily development diary and shared with teammates every weekweek12_newletter_1week12_newletter_2


Managed Playtest

  • Conducted and organized 5 playtests

  • Assisted writing playtest questionnaire


Managed team organization & dynamics

  • Used RACI chart to arrange teammates’ responsibility

  • Used 1 on 1, hold a various team building experiences, and follow the rule of  “Yes and…”

  • Always support, love, respect and trust teammates that they can fully engage in the project


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